Your Wedding Cake Holds a Secret Meaning You should know

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You would have imagined this day a billion times in your head wanting each and every moment to be perfect. Also your wedding would be incomplete without calls for a wedding cake. And do you even know that your Wedding cakes hold a history that goes 1000’s of years back? Yep, wedding cake also has its own past. Be it a simple cutting cake or a tiered one the significant history and tradition remains the same.

Oh yeah just like any other flashback Wedding cakes were also started during Roman times where grains were thrown in the couple’s head as a symbol of bleeding for the newlywed. A kind of similar tradition was also followed by The Greeks representing prosperity and fertility. There was also the time when the groom would take grains and raise them above the bride’s head when it fell down upon the couple blessing them with that good fortune. Needless to say no one would ever do this these days since we spend 1000’s of dollars on our wedding makeover. Later then the grain was replayed with bread and sweet buns. This happened when Europeans started exploring spices and fruits. There was a belief during Shakespeare’s time the bride’s popularity is estimated with the number of sweet buns received. The trend of white cakes didn’t come too early by the 16th century sugar had become very plentiful. The wider the sugar the more refined it was. Icing was the sign of the family’s wealth but also a symbol of the bride’s purity.

Of course it’s a long history. The innovation of one ingredient was a game changer, Baking soda. Changing the very essence and cakes that became an essential part in every wedding. Wedding Cake model these days are made very creatively rather than just having the standard three to four layered with frosting flowers. Cakes are being designed after the bride’s wedding dress and may be with some topsy turvy butterflies. There are all sorts of creativity happening now with the cakes. Some Couples these days also wish to have alternatives like cutting mini caramel apples, chocolate tarts, coconut macarons, and shortbread cookies in their wedding. The Bride and Groom Feeding Each Other Cake is the second act of the traditional cake cutting ceremony. The bride and groom feed each small bite of cake which is romantic and sweet, symbolizing a commitment to provide for one another and a show of love and affection. The cake cutting was encouraged for the bride’s fertility and spreading of good luck for the couple.

Therefore every time when you attend a wedding, never forget to get a look at the cake. Some cakes speak for themselves as a matter of togetherness of the couple. Now hold and recall your wedding cake design chances are there that your wedding cake vision of yourselves and your desire. A cake is worth a thousand wedding vows, never forget to bless the couples.

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